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In today’s encompassing mobile ecosystem, quality iOS developers are priceless assets.

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It is proven that there is a higher demand than supply in mobile programming, which reiterates the fact that there are not enough great mobile developers in the world. Career in mobile application development can be the best career decision of your life.


The future is mobile, and the challenge to adopt and understand it has begun. Keep pace with the always changing industry by learning mobile app development. Turpy runs flexible weekend classes for all professionals.


There is an extremely high demand for skilled workforce in the IT Industry. Turpy offers a well-designed corporate training program for this purpose. We are comprised of experienced industry trainers and contain a robust infrastructure.

Why iOS and why iOS development Training?

iOS is a much talked about brand in the telecommunications sphere which had managed to take the tech world by surprise since its launch. Apple is one of the leading tech giants and their iOS is no doubt one of the most advanced operating systems. The iPad, iPhone, iPod have remained some of the most sought after electronic gadgets in the world. Apple keeps on inventing and reinventing their iPhone models and releasing them in the market. Every new model of iPhone has been appreciated by the buyers and Apple has registered cash flow. The iPhone App Store offers some of the most functional, innovative applications to the users and has contributed towards the success of Apple gadgets.

Through 2013 iPhone App Store has recorded 50 billion downloads from an inventory of 900,000 apps. To meet the rising demands of iPhone Apps users the opportunity for becoming an iOS developer has increased. It is now a flourishing career because the demand for new apps and the demand for upgrading existing ones are on a high. So don’t feel hesitant about choosing a career in iOS application development. This will prove to be the best decision of your life.

Turpy is one such organization and institute in Hyderabad which provides training to the aspiring iOS application developers. The iOS training hyderabad provided by Turpy is designed to offer industry relevant iOS application development program for the learners. Our curriculum provides hand on experience to the students from which they can learn the ropes of the industry. This is one of the main factors which distinguish us from the other iOS training institutes in Hyderabad.

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iOS / iPhone / iPad Course Coverage

iOS – An introduction

  1. What is iOS?
  2. iOS Architecture
  3. Application life cycle

Objective C – A quick dive in

  1. Overview of IDE
  2. Variables and Operators
  3. Classes
  4. Control Statements
  5. Inheritance and Polymorphism
  6. Introduce ‘Project App to the audience’
  7. Protocols
  8. Categories
  9. Summary

The iOS Project

  1. Introduction to types of Application
  2. iPhone / iPad (Universal configuration)
  3. Projects and Targets
  4. Controllers and Classes
  5. App Delegates
  6. Resources
  7. Frameworks
  8. Debugging tools in X-Code
  9. Summary

iOS / iPhone Application Settings

  1. Introduction
  2. How Settings work in iOS?
  3. Create a Settings file
  4. Saving and Retrieving
  5. Settings Default
  6. In Application Settings

View Controller

  1. Introduction
  2. What is MVC – dynamically adding views?
  3. The Model
  4. The View
  5. The Controller
  6. Outlets
  7. Adding the ‘Model’
  8. Actions
  9. Target and Action pattern
  10. Summary

Memory Management

  1. Retain
  2. Release
  3. Auto release pool
  4. Modifiers: Strong, weak, assign, __ Auto releasing.
  5. Reference Counting


  1. Introduction
  2. Basic View Architecture
  3. Navigation based Architecture
  4. Tab based View Architecture
  5. Launching a View
  6. Modal Views
  7. Tab Controls

Table Views

  1. Introduction
  2. How Table Views work
  3. Creating a Table View
  4. Selecting a Row
  5. Grouping
  6. Customizing the View
  7. Summary

Action Sheets and Alerts

  1. Introduction
  2. Create an Alert
  3. Responding to an Action Sheet
  4. Creating an Action Sheet
  5. Guidelines
  6. Summary

Advanced Features

  1. Web Services: XML and JSON
  2. Notification Center: Push -Local messaging
  3. Localization
  4. Map
  5. Touches & Gestures
  6. Camera

Deploying and Testing

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Process
  3. Deploying to a device
  4. Create a distribution file – IPA
  5. App Store preparation
  6. Submission Process
  7. Summary

Intro to Swift Programming

  1. Introduction to Swift
  2. Developing Classes, Structures and Enumerations
  3. Structuring Object-Oriented Class Hierarchies
  4. Integrating Swift with Objective-C
  5. Building GUIs with Swift

End of Session

  1. Summarize.
  2. Q and A plus 1 on 1 mentoring.
  3. Key takeaways.

Pre-requisites :
iOS / iPhone training program attendees must have good working knowledge of any object oriented programming language like C++, Java, or Python

Certification :
At Turpy we provide a course completion certificate after a developer has successfully complete the training.


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