Mobile App Optimization

76% Of The Companies Use Mobile Marketing Strategy.

Make Your Presence In The Market By Adopting Such Strategy.

Having a mobile application is not the only thing which would help you in getting a sufficient amount of cash flow. Without people noticing the application, it would not be used. A strong presence in the application store is what the application demands. Promotional strategy for marketing the application is a must after creating it.

We at Turpy have a talented team of experts for making your application look better than the best ones in the market. Application market is a highly competitive place and to stand out here is quite difficult task. But with Turpy, we make your journey from making to marketing an easier one. Turpy Solution is a perfect team to market your applications. We have a team of qualified experts who know how to market the application. Our team uses striking marketing activities.

Having a perfect application was just the first step and to market it would be the next step. Application marketing would increase the ranking of your application and also would pull in thousands of users.

Analyzing Competitors :

We would be analyzing the competitive applications and would look in to the keywords used by them.

Pre-Launching Strategies :

We implement successful pre-launching strategies for creating hoopla about the application and also to know what the audience is expecting out of the application.

Application Name Optimization :

Using the primary keywords we would optimize the name of your application to make it rank higher and get more visibility.

Application Landing Page :

We would be creating a landing page for the application so as to give away all the necessary information regarding the application. If any of the users wants to know about the details of application, he would land on this page by the search engine and get all the necessary information.

Description :

Our team would be making attractive and eye catching content description for the applications.
– We would be optimizing the entire application based on primary keywords generated for it.

SMO Optimization :

Social media being an important platform, we would optimize the application on the platform of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc.

Teasers :

We would be creating teaser for your application which would create curiosity in the mind of the users regarding the application. The teasers would be geared up with “stay updated” button. This would help in gaining information about all those interested in your application.

Micro Site Building :

The main reason to form this site is to engage the user and gain their trust in the application. This 2-3 page website will have all details about the application and its makers. The micro site would have attractive tagline and engrossing content.


Just like website have search Engine Optimization for their pages, similarly Mobile Applications have on-metadata and off-metadata Also known as ASO to make its ranking go up. While on-metadata is completely in your control, off-metadata contains factors which are not in your hands.

On-metadata Optimization

  • Application Title : This is very important which determines the ranking of your application. The title should consist of keywords and short descriptions which would help it go up.
  • Descriptions : They are of two types. Above the fold and below it. Above the fold is read by most of the users and it needs to be attractive and catchy. We would be developing such content for you.
  • Keywords : We would be choosing the right keywords for you so that you can gain maximum benefit in terms of getting traffic.
  • Icon : We would develop an elegant icon for your application.
  • Screenshots : People who read descriptions for the applications, prefer having screenshot images there. They would want to know how the app would look from inside. We would be providing you with it.

Off-metadata Optimization

  • Ratings : We would be constantly working towards increasing the web ranking of your application.
  • Reviews : We would manage the application reviews and make sure there are positive reviews for the application you made.
  • Keywords : We would be choosing the right keywords for you so that you can gain maximum benefit in terms of getting traffic.
  • Link Building : We would be following this process for the applications.


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