24×7 access to the information from anywhere in the world. Being connected to the school via mobile means you can be certain you’ll never miss out any crucial information


Centrally stored information with high data security. Less expenses on SMS, manpower, paper ,printing and telephone



With targeted push notification allows the administrator to send alerts to selected users. Update all vital information that helps parents updated.


No need to login frequently. Parents can download the application to any number of devices and access through same login credentials.

My School – Android & IOS App

The Mobile version of the Web School ERP gives a brand new user experience in the latest mobile platforms.

We are aiming towards providing quality services by increasing the customer engagement.

One App for all the Users| Students| Employee

Teachers can take attendance of students, view salary details, apply for leave, circular details, news feeds and much more.. Students/Guardian can view attendance, view homework, timetable, exam reports,and library details.


Bus Tracking

A school bus tracking system is nowadays a need for the security of students. It is a GPS system for tracking vehicles which provides complete information to parents and school administration of well-being of students. This module also has features like

  • Vehicle Information Management
  • Vehicle Route Information
  • Map route of vehicle
  • Tracking of vehicle


Subject wise : Grid based entry system with sections for each class section and rows for all defined subjects.

Save : Enter partial homework and save if you are not ready to send yet

Unicode : Send homework in multiple languages.

School Dairy

A complete timeline view of informational, homework, fees, results related information being sent by the school on a regular basis !

-Allows sending multilingual messages

-Allows attaching pdf and jpg files with each message

– Alerts parents when a notification is sent

– Helps facilitate very specific targeted audience for each notification


Catch the glimpses of your school’s photos, videos and watch live events.

Live Events:Stream events of interest like the annual function, republic day

Videos: Unlimited folders and videos with a guarantee of lag free experience for the parents. ,

photos:Create unlimited albums and photos of fun children in the school.


Enables the school to Display annual schedule for academics, holidays, exams, activities, assembly topic and multiple other categories in the parent’s mobile.

School Calendars are typically divided into various categories : Exam Calendar, Holiday Calendar, Activities, etc, also this information is not the same for every class on any given day.

With MySchool Calendar, you can define importance level of an event also.


Each class has numerous class tests, group discussions, recitations, etc conducted daily. Inform the parents about the kid’s performance as soon as the evaluation is done via data, graphs and charts. Publish PDF mark-sheets at the end of term.

Now it is impossible to inform parents about all the results via printouts and counter productive to inform them via SMS.

The MySchool App is here to change this.


A school’s library has numerous titles belonging to various authors and publication houses.

The library catalogue can be browsed and searched by title, author, publisher and the user defined categories. If a book is issued, the App informs the patron about the expected return date of the book.


Using the MySchool App, the parents get instant information about their ward’s attendance information on a daily basis

Parents also receive system notifications when their child is marked absent on any given day, gives them that peace of mind that the child has reached school.

Parent/Student Login

The student portal is an online portal accessible anywhere on the web that students can log in to and see their grades, assignments, scores, attendance, schedules, school bulletin, and more.

The parent portal is an online portal accessible anywhere on the web that parents can log in to and see all of their children in one place, their grades, assignments, scores, attendance, schedules, and school bulletins for each school your children attend.


Automation : Automatic notifications for Calendar events and specific events of importance to students such as birthdays, parent anniversary, etc.

SMS & App : Send messages to students on SMS and or App.

Attachments : Send App notifications with Attachments. Notifications can be sent in unicode.

Staff Login

Teachers can manage classroom-related activities such as grades, assignments, report cards, seating charts, attendance, and more.

It syncs directly with the Parent and Student portals. Updates made to items such as grades, assignments, or announcements are updated automatically and immediately in the Parent and Student portals.

Management Login

By simplifying back office operations, we allow your management to run their school more efficiently, freeing up valuable time for them to focus on student needs and growth.

Management can handle all the tools and information about teachers,students and need to manage instruction and collaboration in a single platform, improving instruction and eliminating time wasted using multiple technology systems.

Very easy for parents to install!

No special instructions or password to be given to the parents. Very easy four step roll out process.

All the parent has to do is Install the App on Android / iPhone mobile or tablet via the official Play store / App Store Enter parent’s mobile number as per school records and tap on sign me up.

Receive OTP via SMS if mobile number is found in school’s scholar register.

Enter the OTP and done! This is a one time process and is required only during installing the app on a new device for the first time.

Each student’s data can be accessed from any number of devices, but the OTP will only be sent on the registered mobile number(s) as per the school’s record.


Your queries and suggestions are always welcome.

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