Now a Day, students are increasingly moving to the mobile Web in order to stay connected with happenings at their schools and Universities. The University App is a University-wide initiative to improve the mobile experience of students, faculty, staff, visitors, and neighbors who interact with the campus and community. This Mobile App is the latest version of the application with a number of functional, design, and content enhancements. This App is now has native applications for Android and iOS operating systems, as well as a mobile web application accessible to any web-enabled smartphone. University’s information is at your fingertips, A directory of faculty members and professors are available with this App.


Hospitals are looking to use mobile health applications to give their patients a more detailed look into their facilities. This Mobile App will help you to search for health information, learn more about the services we offer, and access maps and contact information. The hospital’s doctors and nurses have bedside access to everything they need, and can remain in contact with patients and their families while viewing information that is critical to their care. This App enables easy and quick communication with the Hospitals team, to book doctor appointment either by Phone or Online. Also can book ambulance in emergency.
You can get the latest news about the Hospital and Services offered in the Hospital. A full service hospital including world-class emergency room, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Cardiology, Maternity and a broad array of inpatient and outpatient services.

Network Monitor

Convert your mobile phone into a monitoring Application and get insight into
various critical metrics like availability, response time, downtime and more
from a real mobile device. Discover and map your infrastructure to gain
high-level visibility and rapidly isolate root causes of complex issues.
Understand exactly where issues are happening to quickly get ahead of them.
Navigate simple to understand dashboards to get everything you need to know
about the health, availability, and status of your network so you can quickly get
ahead of issues. Easily track the configuration, availability and performance of
your wireless access points as well as wireless LAN controllers and lightweight
access points. Customize notifications about anything that can compromise your
network’s performance so you can fix problems before users even notice the


Cars App helps you find new and used cars for sale near you. Tap into our powerful vehicle search to filter and sort your results. Get dealership information, research car models, and compare listings. Every customer is unique; they want a different car for a different price. And conclude by providing an efficient sale outlet when our customers wish to renew the ownership cycle.

Mohammed Khan and Sons Jewelers

Mohammed Khan and Sons Jewelers is one of the most jewelers in Andhra Pradesh. We was commissioned to develop their website

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