Social Marketing

Half of all internet users used social networks as their go-to internet-discovery resource.

If your business isn’t present on social media,
you aren’t giving it the chance to build deeper relationships with the people

With billions of people logging on to social media sites each month, it’s crucial that your business not only has a social media presence, but a strategy to build connections with your target audience. No longer is it enough to open a couple social media accounts, post a few times, and then leave it and forget it.

Today’s consumers want and expect to interact with the companies they do business with, on whatever medium they prefer, whether that be Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. And there are different ‘rules’ for each social media network, of course! So, how do we help you stand out?

We strategize. We engage. We spark conversation. In a rapidly evolving space, we filter out noise and ensure that you’re part of the community. Interaction through social media encourages a genuine connection between a brand and its customers.

You’ll be guided through best practices and tools that will optimize your resources and your social media message, allowing you to market your business, and run your business, at the same time.

YouTube Marketing

What’s the second largest search engine? Not Bing. No — Not Yahoo. It’s YouTube. YouTube?

No longer just a place where you watch funny cat videos when bored, YouTube has emerged as an independent search destination where people look for information on just about anything. And just like Google, there are SEO best practices you need to utilize to build traffic from YouTube. A presence on YouTube not only provides business exposure within the site itself, it also provides natural exposure within Google, who owns them, and often displays YouTube videos among its search results. If you’ve tried posting videos without much success, let us help you optimize them for search.

An experienced marketing consultant will review your video and keyword strategy and ensure you are targeting the right keywords the right way. Are the words you want to be found for in your file names, in your meta data, in anchor text linked to from your website? You’ll learn how to optimize your videos to their full potential.
Are your videos highly targeted? At the appropriate length? Are you utilizing your brand to its full potential? We’ll train you or your staff on how to edit your videos into the optimal viewing length. You’ll also learn how to ensure that your brand delivers a cohesive message throughout all your video marketing.

LinkedIn Marketing

Are you on LinkedIn? If so, are you using it to its full potential? Chances are, probably not.

This popular social media network, long known as the place to post your online resume, has grown to be much more than that, and now represents approximately 15% of the social media landscape.

Building your brand presence on LinkedIn can involve several different facets, based on your specific business needs. We’ll review your goals for a LinkedIn marketing campaign, as well as any existing accounts you may have. We’ll set up your business page, connect your Twitter accounts and discuss content strategies that are aimed specifically for the LinkedIn market. Then we’ll train you or your staff on best practices. Ready to start?

We’ll help you construct a professional company page with a compelling biography and a place to spotlight your products, employees, customers and company news. We’ll also insure that SEO indexing has been properly added to ensure maximum exposure in the search engines.
Have employees that love to engage on social media? Get them involved in LinkedIn as well! We’ll share strategies for building employees into brand ambassadors. Next we’ll discuss additional options. Should you open a discussion group? A question and answers area? Your business is unique and your strategy online will be too.

Pinterest Marketing

Launched in 2010, this fun and visual website has become a social media phenomenon. Pinterest currently receives about 2.5 billion pageviews a month! And, its demographic is the highly coveted female head-of-household. Interested? You should be.

Pinterest is a natural place to market products and businesses — but doing it right can make the difference between having a presence everyone ignores to having a business page that thousands of people follow, trust and share. Getting started is easy, and we’ll provide you with the training and tools you need to become a Pinterest marketing success story.

You will be trained on how to create visually stunning and wonderfully shareable ‘pins’ — and you don’t need to be a graphic artist! Our marketing consultants will set you up with easy-to-use tools that help you share consumer tips, your products and your business in a way that will drive traffic directly to your site.
Did you know Pinterest is often used for planning purposes? Decision makers are utilizing this tool as way to collect and decide upon products, vacation spots, restaurants to visit, and more. Consumers can’t choose you if aren’t even there! Build your presence today among these influential buyers.

Twitter Marketing

58 million tweets — not a month, not a week… but a day! That’s right. Every day, business professionals, future customers, existing customers and your potential brand ambassadors are sending an average of 58 million tweets a day.

For a business owner, that audience is too large to ignore, but all that ‘noise’ can make it hard to stand out. And, managing your Twitter account improperly can cost you time and money. That’s where we can help. We’ve analyzed the social media landscape to know what tools you should use to manage your account effectively. We’ll also share powerful strategies on best practices that allow you to engage with your audience, answer their questions and better yet, spread your message far and wide. Ready to start?

We’ll design a eye-catching and professional Twitter template for your business. Next, we’ll set you up with the best tools to manage your Twitter account effectively; one that allows you to schedule Tweets at optimal times, but also alerts you when a customer has a question.
Not sure what or how to Tweet? We’ll provide you with training, example Tweets to follow, suggestions on how to build your followers, and set you up for social media success. From connecting with your customers, to sharing your content, to providing support — your presence on Twitter will build your brand and your business.

Facebook Marketing

Over 1.1 billion people log-in to Facebook each month, making a professional business presence on this social media powerhouse a mandatory component of your Internet marketing strategy. We can help you create an actionable brand presence, build your fan base, showcase specials and promotions, grow your fan base with contests and create calls-to-action. Our goal is to help you utilize everything Facebook offers to turn it into a lead generating machine!

Whether you already have a Facebook presence, or need to create one completely from scratch, we will build dynamic and informative pages that reflect your brand and your website.
Once your Facebook pages are designed and polished, it doesn’t stop there. Our experienced social media consultants can provide you with training and proven tips and tricks that will build relationships with your fans, generate buzz, and help you stay ahead of your competition.
Too busy? We can manage your Facebook and social media sites for you.

Google Plus for Business

Is it worth investing in Google Plus, when you’ve already built followers on Facebook and Twitter? In a word, yes!

Google+ provides natural visibility in Google, providing you a way to make connections with potential customers that may not spend much time on other social media outlets. And, while this newcomer to the social media scene is not as popular as the others ‘right now’, just a few short years ago, Google wasn’t the most popular search engine either – but that didn’t last long! So, are you ready to invest in your future?

We can set up your business page and its components, add a +1 button on your website, generate followers and segment them to specific ‘circles’ or groups.
We can also help you post videos or leverage hangouts to conduct meetings and webinars online, as well as provide you with training on how to continue managing and growing your Google+ presence.


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